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Oh, Hello!

I am Sara.


Thank you for stopping by. My name is Sarah, spelt Sara, just to be confusing. If you read Sara as Sarah in the first place, then boom, ten points to you.

Home for me right now, is South-East London.

The things I prize the most tend to be simple and pure, like Sunday strolls through Brixton market with my boyfriend. Dog walks with my besties, or a beer at the kitchen table with my Dad and Uncle. Of all the things I love in this life, there is a common theme, connecting with people. Whether it be long term friends or brand-new faces, for me, the best of times are had when connecting with people.

So here, I should probably tell you all about my photography journey, but truth is I did not always aspire to be a photographer. It actually found me...via a random lady, a dimly lit room and a pack of cards. A story best told over a beer or two. It’s not your typical route into the art form, but i’ve been told it’s a good story nonetheless.

I actually wanted to be an actress, but that career was cut short due to the fact I wasn't very good. Though i’ve decided that selling apples and pears in a fake market on Albert Square is a legit pension plan. So the dream is not dead.

I love music and am forever wishing I could play the trumpet. I actually own one, but have only mastered half of frere jacques and it’s not even the good half.

In all seriousness, I am grateful for the journey that led me here and would call myself lucky for bumping into that card lady that day. I love my job and all that it brings; travel, meeting new and wonderful people and being a part of the most awesome of celebrations. I wouldn't change a thing.