Searching for your wedding photographer is hard right? So many options, so many different styles and all the different buzzwords can be confusing … photojournalistic, editorial, fine art…

My one bit of advice is to take some time to really look and find the right snapper for you. The photography is one of the investments made on the day that you get to actually keep, long after the cake has been devoured and the red wine stains have disappeared. Be sure to love the pictures, the editing style, the emotions and moments captured in your chosen photographers work so you can look back and be like “Boom, solid choice with that photographer!”

If I had to put some labels on my work, I would say natural light, unstaged, genuine emotions, with a touch of mood…

If you think that I still fit the bill, then amazing! Keep reading to find out a bit about my approach to wedding photography…

In short, I do this wedding thing because I blooming love it. I’ve learnt that I LOVE to photograph people and there is no better place to capture people at their best then at a wedding. The smiles, the tears the hugs the love. It’s intense in a beautiful way. I know it sounds naff, but it really is ace to be able to be let into someone’s world for that one, important and intimate day. To meet their family, hear the history of their friendships, dance with their bridesmaids or have a beer with their Grandad. There is something special about being a part of all the happy madness of a wedding day, so I like to get stuck in.

I am not one who will be observing from the sidelines, but instead opting to be in the centre of the beautiful chaos of the day. For me, that is the best way to capture what is really happening and truly document the day. It helps me to discover the stories that bond you with your nearest and dearest and decipher what are the true moments worth freezing in time. 

My aim is to capture all the important bits you will imagine from a wedding photographer along with a whole bunch of "whaaaaaaat, when the hell did that happen?!" moments too, that can only really be captured when in the eye of the splendid storm.

I like to hunt down beautiful light, belly laughs, under the table hand holding, emotional grooms, the small gestures and the big ones. I want my images to be a true reflection of what it was like to be at that wedding, images that will bring the mood, the energy and atmosphere to life. So you can look back and relive it all over again. Time travel without a DeLorean or mad scientist in sight.

I especially love photographing couples who are invested in what I do. Couples who wouldn't think twice to step away from the crowd for ten minutes to chase the last of the lovely light, brides who are up for an adventure and aren't afraid to get their dress dirty. It makes me the happiest to be able to work with couples who are brave enough to run with my more 'unconventional' ideas. Having the trust from my couples to play and learn gives me the freedom to do some of my favourite work.

For me, there is no ‘ideal’ wedding or client. The fact I get to experience a mixture of styles, cultures and locations is one of the reasons why I love my job, but at the core of it all is that I am surrounded by good people…followed by yum food, some decent tunes and a good old knees up.